Academic Staff

We have a diverse faculty with worldclass teaching and research staff who share a passion for the study of law.

You can find Administrative Staff details here and a list of Key Contacts here.

Head of School

Professor Robin Hickey


Gordon Anthony (Administrative Law, Constitutional Law)
Norma Dawson (Property, Trade Mark Law, Legal History)
Ronan Deazley (Copyright Law)
Colin Harvey (Human Rights, Constitutional Law, Migration)
Louise Mallinder (Human Rights)
Anne-Marie McAlinden (Sex Offenders, Restorative Justice)
Christopher McCrudden (Constitutional Law, EU Human Rights Law)
Kieran McEvoy (Transitional Justice, Restorative Justice)
John Morison (Jurisprudence, Constitutional Law)
Daithí Mac Síthigh (Law and technology, media law, constitutional and administrative law)
Thérèse Murphy (Human Rights)
Dagmar Schiek (EU Legal Studies, Comparative, Labour and Equality Law)


Dr David Capper (Contracts, Insolvency, Commercial Law)
Dr Graham Ellison (Criminology, Policing, Community Safety)

Senior Lecturers

Dr Anna Bryson
Dr Heather Conway (Property, Land Law, Burial Laws)
Dr Mark Flear (EU Law, Public Health, Governmentality)

Dr Marek Martyniszyn  (Contract, Competition Law)
Dr Luke Moffett (Criminal Justice and Human Rights)
Dr Dieter Pesendorfer (Governance, Sustainable Development)
Dr John Stannard (Law and Emotion, Criminal Justice)


Dr Kevin J Brown (Criminal Justice, Community Safety, Criminal Law)
Dr Yassin Brunger (International Criminal Law; Sexual & Gender-Based Violence; Storytelling and Witness Experiences, Transitional Justice, Feminist Perspectives on International Law)
Dr Alessandro Corda (Criminal Law, Criminal Justice, Sentencing, Comparative Law)
Dr Mary Dobbs (Environmental and Equity Law)
Dr Peter Doran (Sustainable Development, Governance)
Dr Eithne Dowds
Dr Clare Dwyer (Criminal Justice, Transitional Justice)
Dr Ciara Hackett (Tort, Contemporary Issues in the Law of Obligations)
Dr Mark Hanna (Human Rights, Sociology of Law)
Dr Brian Jack (EU Law, Environmental Law)
Dr Gerard Kelly
Dr Rachel Killean (Transitional Justice, International Criminal Law, Victims' Rights)
Dr Amanda Kramer
Dr Cheryl Lawther (Transitional Justice, Truth Recovery, Victims)
Dr Conor McCormick (Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Legal History)
Dr Kathryn McNeilly (Human Rights, Critical Legal Studies, Gender)
Dr Ronagh McQuigg (Human Rights, Gender)
Dr Clemens Rieder (EU Law)
Dr Billy Melo Araujo (EU External Trade Law and International Trade Law)
Dr Ciarán O'Kelly (Corporate Governance, Ethics)
Dr Adeniyi Olayode (Restorative Justice, Penal Reforms, Offender Rehabilitation, Criminal Law, Crime and Society, Legal Education and Contract Law)
Dr Alice Panepinto (International Law, Human Rights)
Dr Clare Patton (Corporate Law, Business and Human Rights, Tort, Legal and Study Skills)
Dr Martin Regan (Legal concepts with psychological elements; law and emotion, specifically co-ownership of property and separation of the 'bundle of rights'; defences in criminal law; censorship and obscenity/indecency law; justifications for criminalisation)
Dr Louise Rhodes ( Public/Private law divide, Property Law, Housing and Human Rights, Judicial Review)
Dr Oisin Suttle
Dr Paulina Wilson  (Comparative Law; Tort; Criminal Law; Bad Character Evidence and Expert Witness Evidence; Interjurisdictional Legal Practice, including Legal Communication and Judicial Cooperation; Law and Innovation.)

Research Fellows

Dr Lauren Dempster
Dr Kevin Hearty
Dr Amrei Müller
Dr Patrycja Dabrowska-Klosinska
Dr Adriana Rudling


Emeritus Professors

Phil Scraton (Critical Criminology, Childhood, Prisons) 

Brice Dickson (Human Rights, Judicial Activism)


Judge in Residence

The Hon Mrs Justice Keegan

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