Event: Professor Colm O’Cinneidhe, University College London


“Social Constitutionalism beyond the Nation State: Chimera or a Realistic Ambition?”

(with Professor Dagmar Schiek as discussant)

Debates about the future of the EU increasingly focus on the alleged lack of an adequate social dimension to European integration. This has prompted calls from academic commentators like Alexander Somek and others, along with politicians on both the populist left and right across Europe, for the development of transnational governance processes to be checked in the interests of insulating national systems of socio-economic regulation from external interference. Underlying much of these arguments is a deeply-rooted scepticism about the capacity of transnational governance structures - and in particular the EU - to develop supra-national and meaningful forms of social constitutionalism which can take effect at the international level. This paper draws on the author's expereince as a member of the European Committee on Social Rights to assess whether that scepticism is justified - or premature.

Wednesday 29th November 2017- 1pm in 09.022

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