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The School receives a Jean Monnet plaque


We are delighted to inform that the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency of the European Commission awarded our School a Jean Monnet Module plaque. This acknowledgement follows an award, in Summer 2018, of a Jean Monnet Erasmus+ Module grant to Dr Marek Martyniszyn to develop a new LLM course ‘Comparative Competition Law: the Case of the EU as the Leading Model.’ In fact, in the 2018 grant selection process this was the only successful Jean Monnet Erasmus+ Module application in the entire United Kingdom—indicating the highly competitive nature of these awards.

The letter from the European Commission clarifies: ‘the purpose of this plaque is twofold. It serves primarily as a label signifying quality in European integration studies and represents the achievements of your Jean Monnet Module in this field. At the same time it also provides visibility for the Jean Monnet Action, presenting it as focal point within and outside your institution for the promotion of European issues.’ The School is grateful for this external recognition of the quality of our work in this important area of law.

The School is proud to note that this recognition follows significant earlier successes of the School’s staff in the area of European law. In particular, previously the School hosted a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence ‘Tensions at the Fringes of the EU’, which was also funded by the European Union. This interdisciplinary Centre was led by Professor Dagmar Schiek, who herself has been awarded a Jean Monnet Ad Personam Chair in European Law. The Centre continues its operations in a new framework of a Centre of European and Transnational Studies, bringing together numerous researchers interested in the study of the European Union and European integration as well as the study of transnational law, policy and society within and beyond the European Union.