Allison McAreavey


Allison previously studied at Ulster University gaining an Access Diploma (2006), LLB Hons with Criminology (2012), and LLM in Clinical Legal Education (2014).  She has taught Introduction to Employment Law at Ulster University for the past two years and is now in the second year of her PhD research on the ‘Views on and Regulation of Police Body Worn Cameras’ under the supervision of Professor Brice Dickson, Dr Paul Miller and Dr Fabian Schuppert. 

Her research shall critically analyse the impact of police Body Worn Video technology on various stakeholders and consider the context in which each impact engages legally with human rights frameworks and where, to date, regulation and policy may not have yet taken cognisance of those frameworks and the possible, subsequent consequences. This research shall focus on examining to what extent a balance is struck if there is interference with the Article 8 ECHR.  Proposed methodology shall include both desktop research and semi-structured interviews to assess if the perceived benefit of these devices’ potential is matched by recorded outcomes.



Dr Graham Ellison


Dr Paul Miller (School of Electronics, Electric Engineering, Computer Science)