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Christopher is currently researching the theory of regulatory capture as applied to international credit rating agencies. He is examining the role of credit rating agencies in the Financial Crisis 2008 and subsequent regulation at the EU level. His thesis advocates a more nuanced appreciation of industry influence in EU Regulation and that industry influence can under certain circumstances result in regulation that serves the private and the public interest. His PhD has a narrow focus on regulatory changes brought in by CRA 3 in June 2013 which includes mandatory rotation provisions, the introduction of an EU civil liability regime and to reduce reliance on ratings by various stakeholders.

Christopher is from Northern Ireland. He had a career in recruitment before starting his legal studies. His undergraduate studies took him to Manchester in 2010 and he returned to Belfast to complete his LLM in Corporate Governance in 2013. He was awarded the James MacQuitty Law Scholarship for his Masters studies. Christopher is in the third year of his PhD studies and is funded from the Department of Employment and Learning (DEL). His research interests include financial regulation, tax avoidance, contract law and non-traditional lending such as payday loans.



Dr Dieter Pesendorfer


Professor Dagmar Schiek