Mosleh Hasan Alluhaibi

Mosleh Hasan AlluhaibiMOSLEH HASAN ALLUHAIBI                           


Mosleh is a Saudi researcher from Saudi Arabia, he has done his Master of Laws ( LLM) in International law at Westminster University, London, UK  in 2015.  He has also attained his ( LLB ) degree at Liverpool John Moores University, UK in 2014. Mosleh has interested in Law from an early age and this has increased while studying many subjects throughout the previous degrees. To accomplish this ambition, now he is pursuing PhD in International Law within the area of Refugee Law at Queen’s University Belfast.


The research is covering the area of International Refugee Law under title Assessment of the protection of refugee rights within international law: a case study of Syrian refugees. The main research aim is to engage in an assessment of the current deficiencies in the functioning of international law related to protecting refugees in the current Syrian crisis so as to explore how, if at all, international law needs to be reformed to ensure refugees are adequately protected. This research is aimed at investigating and hypothesising the current weaknesses in the international framework so as to think creatively about how international law needs to be developed. Therefore, the thesis is going to address “Responsibilities Sharing” in the context and in light of the current global refugee crisis. The primary supervisor in this research is Prof Colin Harvey and secondary supervisor is Dr. Yassin Brunger.