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Rebecca is a Ph.D. student studying at Queens University Belfast; her research topic is Plant Health Protection in Northern Ireland with a focus on the implementation of the New EU Plant Health Regulation. She studied her Masters Degree in Environmental Law and Sustainable Development and Queens University and her Undergraduate Degree in English Law at the University of Dundee.  Rebecca is from Lisnarick, in Co Fermanagh Northern Ireland.


The impact of recent plant health scares and the media coverage of these has increased the public interest in plant health and biosecurity in Northern Ireland.  This, along with the expansion of the global market, particularly for plant materials (such as bark) and certain plants for planting has also meant the potential risk for exposure to harmful organisms is a growing threat.  These increased threats and the expansion of the global market has lead to an evaluation of the EU’s Plant health laws and resulted in the creation of the New EU Plant Health Regulation. This research paper will look at how the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs in Northern Ireland (DAERA) can effectively implement the new regulation.  It will also look at the approaches adopted my other jurisdictions and the other devolved administrators in the UK, drawing from best practice examples. This research, will also address the impact of Brexit, because if Northern Ireland would like to remain a strong third party trader (for economic or agricultural trading) with other EU countries strong plant health laws and protection is vital. 



Dr Brian Jack


Dr Dieter Pesendorfer