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Samantha Hopkins

"How is the language of power (specifically acknowledgement and denial) in corporate social reporting constituted?"

My research interests are located broadly within the sphere of business and human rights, with a specific focus on the language of corporate social reports – prompted in part by the increasing power of corporations in the modern globalised world. The work of the sociologist Stanley Cohen on acknowledgement and denial at a state level forms the basis of an investigation into similar concepts in corporate social reporting rhetoric. The primary aim is to systematize his work in order to establish a framework for application of his broad concepts to a body of text – utilizing corporate social reports as an example.

I am taking a linguistic and critical discourse analytic approach to examining instances of acknowledgement and denial within corporate social reporting, in an effort to identify the substantive form taken by such (acknowledgement and denial) language. The overall aim is to understand how such 'accounting' language is constituted in corporate social reports, as it is only in this manner that it may be made more benign.



Dr Ciaran O'Kelly


Dr Ciara Hackett