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Dr Mark Hanna

Originally from Downpatrick, Dr Mark Hanna returned to Northern Ireland and joined the Queen’s law school as a lecturer in August 2017. I had the pleasure of talking with him as one of our newest academic staff members that the Law School.

Dr Hanna spoke of how the Northern Irish environment was well suited to his life as an academic, referring to it as ‘the land of saints and scholars’ and speaking of it as a place of quiet where peace of mind can be found (despite the terrible weather). Turning to his time at Queen’s so far, Dr Hanna reflected on the busyness of the first semester for him as a lecturer but noted that he particularly enjoyed the opportunity of teaching Torts, a new subject for him. Reflecting on his research opportunities so far, Dr Hanna recognised that Queen’s provides their academic staff with the opportunity to go off and do your research.

Dr Hanna’s research interests are part of a bigger picture about the relationship between global society norms and international law. In approaching this area, Dr Hanna takes a unique sociological approach that explores the international legal system from a far. In regards to new research projects, Dr Hanna is attempting to move away from international law to study the law more broadly. Some specific projects he is currently working on include the relationship between social movement Time’s Up with law, policy and the development of world society and the role of internet algorithms in developing norms in global society.