Dr Oisin Suttle


Oisin Suttle

 I had the pleasure of sitting down with one of QUB’s newest members of the School of Law, Oisin Suttle, and asking him a few questions about how his first year has been progressing. His first six months at Queens have been a pleasure. He remarked particularly on how he has enjoyed the mix of local and international students and the dynamic that brings to the University, as well as working with colleagues within his field.  He was attracted to Queen’s for a variety of reasons, including the opportunity to work with existing members of staff, and has relished the opportunity to collaborate with others who share his research interests. Oisin noted that the context of Belfast itself and the contested nature of citizenship in this jurisdiction, has provided an interesting backdrop for his own research into concepts of nationalism and social justice.

Oisin practised as a commercial lawyer in Dublin before re-entering academia and studying in Oxford and London, and teaching at the University of Sheffield and University Collage London. His current research includes many interrelated themes, such as, international trade law, notions of fairness and justice, sovereign debt and political, economic and legal theory more broadly. 

 Dr Oisin Suttle was interviewed by Research Advocate Meghan Hoyt.




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