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Up Coming Event: Public Lecture by Professor Susan Bandes

QUB School of Law is delighted to announce that Professor Susan Bandes will be delivering a public lecture entitled ‘Emotional Scripts and Public Demeanour: The Role of Science and Folk Knowledge in Evaluating Credibility’ on Thursday  4th October at 5pm in the Moot Court Room, School of Law.

Susan Bandes is Professor of Law Emeritus at DePaul University College of Law, and is a scholar in the areas of federal jurisdiction, criminal procedure and civil rights.  Her book, The Passions of Law, published in 2000   was a pioneering work in the emergence  of law and emotion as an academic discipline in its own right, and Professor Bandes is internationally recognised as one of the leading scholars in this field.  She has written and presented extensively on various aspects of law and emotion, and leads an international network of scholars who research in the area.  

Professor Bandes’ public lecture will explore the role of demeanour in the courtroom and the impact of emotional scripts on credibility. Drawing on emotion theory, Bandes will address a range of important questions, including:  what does genuine remorse look like; what emotions do we expect from a victim of crime?; how do variables such as race, class and gender impact expectations regarding appropriate emotional displays?

Do not miss the opportunity to see a leading international scholar explore this fascinating legal area .  

To register for this event, click here.

Professor Bandes can also be heard on an upcoming edition of LawPod.