School of Law

International Exchanges

International Exchange Schemes

Broaden your horizons with an international exchange experience

The school has developed relationships with Colleges and Universities throughout the world and has an active exchange programme.

Current opportuities exist for an international exchange experience at one of the following institutions:-

Washington University Law School in St Louis (WASHU), USA
University of Illinois, Springfield, USA
University of Louisville, Kentucky, USA
University of Massachusetts Lowell, USA
Shantou University, Southern China
University of Athens, Greece
University of Utrecht, Netherlands
• Copenhagen
• Lund
• Mannheim
• Maastricht
• Trento
University of British Columbia (Vancouver Campus)

These opportunities are suitable for Single Honours students in the first semester of their final year.

 In addition to our School agreements, there are also university-organised exchange agreements with the following universities:

Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
Newcastle University, New South Wales, Australia

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